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28 December 2007
Stop Smoking Benefits
Effects of Smoking
Smoking leads to several deadly diseases like lung cancer, heart problems and asthma. Smoking not only affects your health but also affects the health of your near and dear ones around you. Thus, you must stop smoking at least for the sake of health of your loved ones.

If you want to stop smoking that means, you are giving way to healthy and fresh life. Moreover, after you stop smoking, there are certain sudden changes you will experience.

Stop smoking Benefits – Carbon monoxide Level
These are mainly positive changes and you will only benefit from them. The content of carbon monoxide gas in the blood enhances because of excess smoking. But, the moment you stop smoking it becomes normal.

With in 8 hours after you stop smoking, the amount of carbon monoxide gas will be normal. The chances of heart attack also reduce within 24 hours.

Saving Money
Do not forget the money that you were burning while smoking. You can save money after you stop smoking. Make it a routine of keeping the money that you use for buying cigarettes into a jar. After a month, check your jar and enjoy the achievement.

After 2 To 3 Months
After two or three months, you will experience more stop smoking benefits. You will be much healthier. The lung will function much better and its functioning will increment by 30 percent.

After one year, the chances of heart diseases will reduce to half. Moreover, the risk of death due to lung cancer will also decrease.

Other Stop smoking Benefits
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You can enjoy several other stop smoking benefits. You are also saving your children from acquiring deadly diseases. The worst case of smoking is then when a pregnant woman smokes. She should stop smoking as soon as she is pregnant as she is exposing her baby to several deadly chemicals.

These deadly chemicals will harm the baby a lot. Smoking by a pregnant women leads to under weight child, organs will be of smaller size and more chances of taking up tobacco.
Such babies will never be able to lead a healthy and active life. Thus, you must stop smoking for the sake of your baby’s health. She is blessing life to her baby, if a pregnant woman stops smoking by then.

All it need is a decision from you. Your determination to stop smoking guarantees healthy future for you. You will feel active. There will be glow at your face. Earlier you were having pale yellow fingernails. They will appear normally.

9 Reasons Why Exercising Can Help Keep You Smoke-Free
The most important strategy in remaining free from smoking is to put an exercise component into your life. The major benefits of exercise are these:

Exercise brings a true, natural, and sustained high.
Exercise gives relief from tension, a benefit smokers falsely think they get from cigarettes.
Exercise decreases neuromuscular tension and increases relaxation.
Aerobic exercise slows and even reverses the aging process.
The exercised heart pumps more blood with each stroke, so this efficiency saves 20 million superfluous heartbeats per year.
Exercise offers a long-term reduction of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
Exercise dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to circulate freely to the hands, feet, and surface areas of the body. (Most smokers complain of cold hands and feet.)
Exercise can prevent the potential weight gain connected with breaking free of cigarettes.
You can develop a healthy addiction to exercise, which will be manifested in many positive changes in addition to losing interest in cigarettes.
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