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25 December 2007
How to Quit Smoking...
Immediately after quitting:

1. Develop a clean, fresh, nonsmoking environment around yourself - at work and at home. Buy yourself flowers - you may be surprised how much you can enjoy their scent now.
2. The first few days after you quit, spend as much free time as possible in places where smoking isn't allowed, such as libraries, museums, theaters, department stores, and churches.
3. Drink large quantities of water and fruit juice (but avoid sodas that contain caffeine).
4. Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, and other beverages that you associate with cigarette smoking.
5. Strike up a conversation instead of a match for a cigarette.
6. If you miss the sensation of having a cigarette in your hand, play with something else - a pencil, a paper clip, a marble.
7. If you miss having something in your mouth, try toothpicks or a straw.

Avoid temptation:

1. Instead of smoking after meals, get up from the table and brush your teeth or go for a walk.
2. If you always smoke while driving, listen to a particularly interesting radio program or your favorite music, or take public transportation for a while, if you can.
3. For the first 1-3 weeks, avoid situations you strongly associate with the pleasurable aspects of smoking, such as watching your favorite TV program, sitting in your favorite chair, or having a cocktail before dinner.
4. Until you are confident of your ability to stay off cigarettes, limit your socializing to healthful, outdoor activities or situations where smoking is not allowed.
5. If you must be in a situation where you'll be tempted to smoke (such as a cocktail or dinner party), try to associate with the nonsmokers there.
6. Try to analyze cigarette ads to understand how they attempt to "sell" you on individual brands.

When you get the crazies:

1. Keep oral substitutes handy - try carrots, pickles, sunflower seeds, apples, celery, raisins, or sugarless gum instead of a cigarette.
2. Take 10 deep breaths and hold the last one while lighting a match.Exhale slowly and blow out the match Pretend it's a cigarette and crush it out in an ashtray.
3. Take a shower or bath if possible.
4. Learn to relax quickly and deeply. Make yourself limp, visualize a soothing, pleasing situation, and get away from it all for a moment. Concentrate on that peaceful image and nothing else.
5. Light incense or a candle instead of a cigarette.
6. Never allow yourself to think that "one won't hurt" - it will.

Find new habits:
1. Change your habits to make smoking difficult, impossible or unnecessary. For example, it's hard to smoke while you're swimming, jogging, or playing tennis or handball. When your desire for a cigarette is intense, wash your hands or do the dishes, or try new recipes.
2. Do things that require you to use your hands. Try crossword puzzles, needlework, gardening, or household chores. Go bike riding or take the dog for a walk; give yourself a manicure; write letters.
3. Enjoy having a clean mouth taste and maintain it by brushing your teeth frequently and using a mouthwash.
4. Stretch a lot.
5. Get plenty of rest.
6. Pay attention to your appearance. Look and feel sharp.
7. Try to find time for the activities that are the most meaningful, satisfying, and important to you
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